Can't Solve A Problem You Never Experienced

Why Streamsation

Currently there is absolutely No Model for streamers to grow. 

Streamers Are Divided Into 4 Groups:

  • Small Streamers or #Smallstreamers - Has A Mindset That People MUST Listen To Only Them - Wants A Handout - Wants To Spam Their Links Into Random Groups or Live Streams - Worst Kind Of Streamer

  • Part-Time Streamers - Starting Out - Doesn't Want Handouts And Willing To Put In The Work - Makes A Small Profit

  • Full-Time Streamers or Successful Streamers - Learning How To Market Themselves - Builds A Brand That Can Attract Sponsors

  • The 1% or Elite Content Creators - Masters at Marketing- Masters At Content Creation - Has A Mission

Streamsation Mission:​

To create an environment that allows streamers to get away from the small streamer mindset and build their brand in a positive way. The drop off rate for streamers after a month of streaming is over 80%. That's way to high. People quit because they either can't gain traction or they can but don't have the right support group to help them get in the proper mindset. We want you to collaborate and build a team or people around you. I seen some good streamers have break downs on stream because they burn themselves out to much trying to produce good content. Allow us to help, PLEASE. Streamsation was built for you and will continue to support streamers growth.

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